Brockley Garden


This scheme for a small garden in London has some interesting design parameters to work within, and being a small garden it was important that we maximise the use of the space whilst allowing enough room for planting. The house and garden are intrinsically linked through a large square window which frames a view of the garden. The design was developed with this view in mind.


Initially the land sloped steeply from the rear elevation of the house up to a textured historic brick wall forming the rear boundary of the property. This was creating drainage issues and made the garden unusable. Our solution was to retain part of the garden with a low wall and create two levels, a hard paved area with a seating space and a higher area for a planting scheme within gravel.


To prevent the garden feeling small whilst maintaining the privacy which high boundaries afford, we used climbing plants to each side, lengthening the view by softening the directional lines of the fence. The planting was designed to feel informal and naturalistic, with many native species and species for pollinators, arranged in a gentle curving form, around the gravel.


The main feature which takes focus in the square framed view from the window is a specially sourced delicate sculptural tree.


Materials for this project were selected to complement the London yellow stock brick of the building and the interior material palette too