Butterfly House Garden Concept


Our concept for a large country garden surrounding a mid-century modern house has been approved and is now moving into detailed design. The house sits within the grounds of a former quarry. The land has been 'scooped' out so that much of the perimeter is banked with high sides. The proposal seeks to link the house, which has been built into the perimeter slope, to the wider garden by introducing a series of floating steps to connect a new sun terrace on the first floor, to the formal and level garden below. A new Birch woodland will be planted in the low area of the site, with walkways connecting to the formal lawn. A remodelled driveway retains a magnificent Pine tree close to the house, and divides the formal lawn with grass parterre, from the wider garden containing a wildflower meadow. A number of existing mature trees on the sloped perimeter are connected by a series of organic shaped planting beds.