Cheshire Garden

This Cheshire country estate is undergoing extensive renovations including the conversion of the stable block. We have designed the grounds and gardens for this project, which has now been taken into construction.

This parkland setting features existing mature woodland and existing hedgerows. We wanted to celebrate the existing features and retain the valuable habitat they provide, whilst also creating a more formal, manicured aesthetic to fit the setting the house requires. A remodelled serpentine lake, tree lined avenues, and a grand lawn are combined with the retained features to create structure. Smaller formal arrangements closer to the main house and stable conversions offer more intimate areas and opportunities for a more decorative and ornamental planting selection. These spaces include, an evening terrace, an enclosed kitchen garden framed by Yew hedges, and a large water feature on the houses east-west axis surrounded by a rose garden. Through the hedge lining the water garden, a secret garden can be discovered, a playful feature which creates a sense of discovery and allows an intimate secluded garden setting.

The now redundant, previous main entrance drive is remembered through a grand avenue of trees, replanted with Limes creating a sculpture walk with the grandest facade of the house framed at one end. The estate is opened up for walking through the use of meandering pathways within a meadow. A mixed orchard of Minshull Crab, Lord Combermere, Bee Bench, and other local apple varieties ties the orchard to its location and the heritage of the area.

The stable block renovation required a different approach. A subtle, contemporary style was our vision for this area, which combines with the more historic aesthetic of the surrounding grounds, through an aligned base palette of Yew and other evergreen hedging and structure pieces.

Studio Cullis Cheshire Garden.jpg