Brief and Survey

An initial site visit and discussion with the client establishes the scope of works and identifies the project objectives, constraints and parameters.  It is very important to us to get a feel for our clients lifestyle and way of living in order to craft a bespoke garden which responds to the individual nuances and daily quirks of their lives. The site visit is essential in order to create a garden which responds to its environment and grows to thrive and flourish - aspect, orientation, soil type, position and existing features all play a part in helping us understand the site and work with it towards the best results.


A survey is carried out to identify the size of the space, obtain existing site levels and all existing hard and soft landscape features. Depending on the scale of the space this can be carried out by Studio Cullis or outsourced to a surveyor. It is at this point we would also require an understanding of budget


Once we have together agreed the brief and scope of works, and fully understand the physical space we are working with, we will work towards developing a unique design concept. A concept can be based on environmental factors experienced on the site or historic or cultural references which are relevant to the project or area, among various other influences. We will always return back to this point in the project at every stage of design to ensure we are staying true to the concept, without allowing it to become contrived.


The creation of a series of sketches, sample palettes and models allow early concept development and we ensure an open dialogue is maintained with our clients, culminating in an initial design presentation for the stage.

Studio Cullis Sketch axonometric landscape design for a large contemporary home in Hertfordshire England

Detail Design

Once the early stage design is signed off we start to develop technical information for the project, including scaled drawings and schedules and palettes. This stage of the project is about honing the design. Ensuring functionality and buildability. Materials and specimen plants and trees are selected, examined and compared. We visit nurseries across the UK and Europe to ensure the best specimen are sourced for the project and work with specialist craftspeople and suppliers to develop detail for individual aspects of each garden.

Landscape detail drawings

Tender and Delivery

We can suggest a number of contractors which we have worked closely with in the past or can work with a clients team. During the build of a project we maintain a regular presence on the site to ensure quality is high, and in order to monitor budget and time schedules. We will always be present on site in order to set out soft landscape elements including tree, shrub, perennial planting and hedge and topiary planting. We work very closely with contractors, craftsmen and artisans, to ensure the project is executed and delivered immaculately.