Richmond Garden

Studio Cullis Richmond in South West London garden design CGI visual showing a garden with seating spaces, large planting beds with multi-stem trees


For this garden in Richmond, London, our client requested a space to showcase his substantial and growing sculpture collection. A former kitchen garden that was underused, the walled space benefits from a woodland backdrop beyond the property boundary. A tall hedge acts as a link to the woodland and the garden is split into a variety of different ‘rooms’ for entertainment. That way, we envisage, the garden can be used as an exterior art gallery, with each piece showcased to its greatest impact, framed by delicately hanging branches of the specimen trees, or waiting to be discovered - initially shielded by planting, then revealed as you enter its space.


The garden was carefully designed to allow for flexibility and for the art to be appreciated to its full potential, so care has been taken to provide platforms and plinths which have backdrops which are simple, whilst still acting as a beautiful and cohesive space.


Large plant beds containing small multi-stem trees helps to create the division of the rooms, whilst maintaining a visual connection to the entire garden.


The garden is visible from the building through a large window running its entire length, so the spaces respond to the interior arrangements creating framed views.