Rousham Gardens Studio Visit


A studio visit to the renowned gardens of Rousham House in Oxfordshire, largely unchanged since they were laid out in the 18th century by William Kent (1685-1748). A series of beautiful and serene spaces that offers so much inspiration. The routes through the woodland weave through lush mature forest where majestic oak, beech and lime trees are underplanted with neatly clipped laurel. The route opens regularly into glades with elegant water features and grand follies. Framed views along the way offer glimpses of what's to come with fine sculptures set into the foreground of vistas of the countryside beyond.


The kitchen gardens offer a nostalgic picture of the English border with rambling roses and foxgloves popping up apparently where they've seeded. There is wonderful romance to this part of the garden which is managed beautifully with wide beds of perennial planting interspersed with classic evergreen structure.