Twickenham Garden


Development in the locale of this London garden has left the client feeling exposed - the garden is overlooked by several loft extensions. This led us to consider, in developing the brief for the design, ways in which to restore the sheltered tranquillity a garden in urban context has come to represent. Mature, upright tree forms were selected to maximise space within the garden whilst providing the necessary privacy. An existing Wisteria helps to create the sense of being enclosed by green, softening the rear elevation. A generous lawn area is encircled by lush shade tolerant woodland planting.

It was important to our client to be able to entertain in the space, a key part of the design was a generous lounge seating area close to the house, with bespoke joinery, which is defined by an area paved with hand made clay bricks.

Studio Cullis contemporary bespoke built-in timber wooden seating within a modern London garden design wth perennials fabric cushions and bespoke timber gaden table
Studio Cullis London garden planting design detail showing anemone plant emerging in late Summer
Natural limestone fossils paving detail an iroko timber
Dark coloured vande moortel natural clay pavers patio detail with sand joints